Taxidermy (English Edition)

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In some conditions the ailments of the soil and environment, by the
rapidity with which they allow the drying of the animal tissues to be
effected, are by itself ample for the preservation of the overall body in the
sort of a mummy this is the case in some pieces of Peru, in particular at
Arica, where by sizeable figures of bodies have been located pretty dry
in pits dug in a saline dry soil. There is an great specimen of a
mummy of this type in the Museum of the College of Surgeons, which was
introduced from Caxamarca by Normal Paroissien–like most of them, it is
in a sitting posture, with the knees pretty much touching the chin, and the
arms by the sides of the deal with. It is really dry and really hard the characteristics
are distorted, but almost ideal, and the hair has fallen off. The
Peruvian mummies do not show up to have been subjected to any
unique preparation, the dry and absorbent earth in which they are
positioned staying sufficient to stop them from putrefying. M. Humboldt
uncovered the bodies of several Spaniards and Peruvians lying on former
fields of fight dried and preserved in the open up air.