The Character of Consciousness: Essays on the Unity of Intellect and Issue (English Version)

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“I’ve received deeper being familiar with listening to Rupert Spira than I have from any other exponent of present day spirituality. Reality is sending us a information we desperately require to hear, and at this instant no messenger surpasses Spira and the transformative text in his essays.”
—Deepak Chopra, author of You Are the Universe, Non secular Answers, and Tremendous Mind

Our earth tradition is established on the assumption that the Big Bang gave increase to issue, which in time developed into the entire world, into which the body was born, inside which a brain appeared, out of which consciousness at some late stage created. As a end result of this “matter model,” most of us believe that consciousness is a house of the physique. We really feel that it is “I,” this body, that knows or is knowledgeable of the globe. We believe that and truly feel that the figuring out with which we are informed of our expertise is found in and shares the limits and destiny of the human body. This is the elementary presumption of brain and make a difference that underpins almost all our ideas and thoughts and is expressed in our activities and associations. The Mother nature of Consciousness indicates that the issue model has outlived its function and is now destroying the incredibly values it as soon as sought to market.

For a lot of people, the debate as to the final truth of the universe is an academic just one, considerably taken off from the fears and calls for of everyday life. Just after all, everyday living happens independently of our types of it. On the other hand, The Nature of Consciousness will plainly present that the materialist paradigm is a philosophy of despair and, as this kind of, the root cause of unhappiness in individuals. It is a philosophy of conflict and, as such, the root trigger of hostilities concerning people, communities, and nations. Far from becoming abstract and philosophical, its implications contact each and every a single of us right and intimately.

An exploration of the mother nature of consciousness has the electric power to reveal the peace and contentment that genuinely lie at the heart of experience. Our practical experience under no circumstances ceases to alter, but the being aware of element in all experience—consciousness, or what we contact “I”—itself never improvements. The recognizing with which all knowledge is recognized is usually the similar realizing. Remaining the popular, unchanging component in all practical experience, consciousness does not share the qualities of any certain working experience: it is not competent, conditioned, or confined by encounter. The knowing with which a experience of loneliness or sorrow is acknowledged is the same recognizing with which the imagined of a close friend, the sight of a sunset, or the flavor of ice cream is recognized. Just as a display is under no circumstances disturbed by the motion in a motion picture, so consciousness is hardly ever disturbed by encounter so it is inherently peaceful. The peace that is inherent in us—indeed that is us—is not dependent on the situations or conditions we obtain ourselves in.

In a sequence of essays that draw you, by way of your have immediate expertise, into an exploration of the character of this knowing ingredient that each individual of us phone calls “I,” The Character of Consciousness posits that consciousness is the basic truth of the obvious duality of brain and issue. It reveals that the overlooking or disregarding of this fact is the root trigger of the existential unhappiness that pervades and motivates most people’s lives, as well as the broader conflicts that exist involving communities and nations. Conversely, the ebook suggests that the recognition of the essential fact of consciousness is the to start with stage in the quest for long lasting pleasure and the basis for earth peace.