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Build a Great Team

Prime it for high performance.

Creatively Collaborate

Stand out from the crowd.

Use Templates

Make your life easy.


Start here to build your team and collaborate. Non-members must start with DEMO.

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Engage project team members, generate creative ideas, and track actitivities.

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Templates can be downloaded from the members area of the website for which you have…

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You can view and fully absorb the power of this system by going through the…

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How to Setup, Run, Collaborate, & Project Manage a High Performance Team.

While we already provide our subscription members with proven excellent templates, we know those templates will most likely be used in projects that require a group or team effort. The input and views of others must be taken into account for successful execution and this is where many initiatives fail. Since our commitment is to equip you to do great work, this system was developed to prevent such a failure and to ensure that you settle for nothing less than excellence.

Certain pages, such as groups and members are not viewable without login. Therefore, non-subscription members must start with the DEMO. Otherwise, follow the steps below to build a winning team. The steps are also shown more clearly in the accompanying  video. Your login username, email, and password is the same as in your business templates subscription.

  • set up your project group (or simply click the groups link in the header section)
  • invite team members
  • upload applicable templates
  • Jointly discuss, develop, comment, revise, and collaborate
  • upload other files, images, videos, links, as needed
  • track, comment, and discuss inputs and changes
  • execute creative ideas generation sessions in one-to-one or one-to-many private or public chatrooms. Use the creativity tools in your business templates subscription members area to guide the process
  • revise documents and get consensus
  • and more…

This team collaboration and project management system is a FREE tool that is available exclusively to the active members of:

Unleash your talents. Don’t settle for less!

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